Our analyses


For consistency and transparency, we report our analyzes on this page.
We will not bore you with our blood tests but with those of Casa Julia’s EVO oil!

As for the human ones, the analysis of the oil also give indications on its general state of health or indicate where there is “suffering”.

We report on this page, for each olive growing year, the results of the chemical and organoleptic analyzes (Panel Test).

We remind you that these analyzes are mandatory in order to be able to label an oil as Extra Virgin (Reg. CE n. 2568/91).

In order to correctly interpret the values ​​present in the reports, read  How to read the chemical analyzes of EVO oil

It is enough to keep in mind the 3/4 important values ​​(acidity, peroxides, polyphenols) and when you buy EVO oil from an oil mill or directly from the producer, ask for analyzes to be able to make comparisons and evaluate its quality.

Vintage Chemical analyses Panel Tests

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