Vintage 2022, final evaluation

Annata 2022 valutazione finale

Vintage 2022 – Final evaluation.

The climate this year, if possible, was even harsher than the previous one.
The winter was warm and dry and the first rains were seen only in April.
From May to September the drought was a constant along with the very high temperatures (even 38 degrees for days and days).
This put a strain on the delicate stages of mignolatura, flowering and fruit set .
During the summer months the situation did not improve, causing fear of the worst.

In reality, thanks to the treatments with Wood Distillate and Kaolin but also to the unique characteristics of the olive tree, the plants have not suffered excessively and have reciprocated with an excellent and abundant harvest😁

Collection and yield

The final result of this year was extraordinary for us, triple in weight (10 quintals) and more than four times in final liters of oil (160 liters), with a yield of 15%.

Qualitative analysis

Considering that, despite having harvested on 17/10, this year the ripening of the fruits was clearly ahead of last year, the analysis of the values ​​confirms an excellent result on some parameters (acidity, from 0.28 to 0.29) , a clear improvement in the parameter of primary degradation (peroxides, which went from 5.8 to 4.4 and spectrophotometric analysis) while it reports a reduction (due to a more advanced maturation) of the total polyphenols which remain in any case in a good number.

The sum of all these values ​​has led us to an oil that is less aggressive than the previous one but which maintains the typical characteristics of Tuscan oil: bitter and spicy.

Parameter Detected value Limit value
Acidity 0.29 0.8
Peroxides 4.4 20
Total polyphenols 169


The EVO oil of Casa Julia is organic in fact (read Our philosophy) and filtered in the mill ((Frantoio Franci, awarded in the Hall of Fame Flos Olei 2023) for a longer duration without losing its original characteristics.

View the complete analysis report here: CasaJulia Chemical Analysis 2022

To be able to evaluate the parameters in the report, read How to read the chemical analysis of EVO oil .

Keep in mind those 4/5 important values ​​and when you buy EVO oil from an oil mill or directly from the producer, ask for the analyzes to be able to make comparisons and evaluate its quality.

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