About us

Casa Julia is a small reality in the Grosseto hills, in Roccatederighi.

It consists of a small country house and about two hectares of land, one and a half of which are olive groves with about 140 plants of the Moraiolo, Leccino and Correggiolo varieties.

The property, acquired at the beginning of 2021, is managed only by the two of us, Brunetta and Stefano without forgetting the real hosts, the cats Zoe and Wilson, taking care of all those activities that do not require highly specialized equipment such as tractors.

At the end of our working career we realized that it was not yet time to retire to an inactive life and that instead we could try to do something radically different like managing an olive grove and a country house.

Not that our past helped us in this sense: one social worker, the other IT man.
But between a stumbling block, a fall, a wound (and not just pride) we were able to harvest our olives and produce our first liters of oil.

There is still a long way to go and perhaps we will never reach a real goal but only to conquer a series of small “mountain grand prix” represented by each day spent at Casa Julia with its challenges to overcome.

We will try to tell them here with particular attention to the cultivation and production practices of EVO oil.