Casa Julia is located in a small valley south of Roccatederighi in the locality of 'Strinati' inserted in an area with an exclusive olive-growing and wine-growing vocation. Sunny but often windy, the valley quickly slopes down towards the plain to the sea with a view of the island of Giglio.


The ground is stony but fertile with the presence of a vast variety of herbs, including aromatic herbs, which cover the olive grove with flowers. The turf is left to develop, guaranteeing plant and animal biodiversity, favoring pollinators who find every type of flower available for a long time. In late spring the grass is cut along with the remains of the pruning and left on the ground. This practice reduces the leaching of nutrients in case of heavy rain, isolates the soil from heat and contributes and retains water.


There are many enemies of the olive tree: bacteria, fungi, parasites. Instead of intervening on every single attack with pesticides or heavy metals such as copper, we prefer to perform interventions with natural and harmless products that strengthen the plant and help it fight the attacks. Read more


There are three varieties present in the Casa Julia olive grove: Leccino, Moraiolo and Correggiolo. All three contribute in a different and precious way with their specificities to the final result. All have the typical characteristics of Tuscan oil: bitter, spicy and fruity.
In addition to these they also bring aftertaste of fresh almond and artichoke..


Harvested early by the half of October, Casa Julia olives produce an EVO oil with a characteristic bitter and spicy scent, indicating a young oil rich in antioxidants (read: How good is extra virgin olive oil? and “It's bitter and it pinches! I don't like it.”)

The 2022 chemical analyzes show a very low acidity (0.29), a deterioration index which is also very low (4.4) and a good number of polyphenols (169), all parameters common to quality oils (read: How to read the chemical analyzes of EVO oil and Casa Julia Chemical Analysis)

After milling in the mill (this year we turned to Frantoio Franci, one of the best in the area), the oil is stored in stainless steel drums at a temperature of 15-18 degrees to ensure the best conservation.

Filtration is then performed. This operation avoids that the deposited particles, which tend to oxidize over time, modify the original qualities of the oil, ensuring a longer life without loss of quality (read: How to store olive oil) Then the Casa Julia EVO oil is finally bottled.

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Where you can find our EVO oil

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