Vintage 2023 – Final evaluation

Vintage 2023 – Final evaluation.

It wasn’t a good year.

The abundant rains of late spring occurred precisely during the flowering and pollination period, drastically reducing the number of fertilized flowers.

During the summer, high temperatures and drought were significant, comparable with the previous year. An attack by Tignola of unexpected intensity should be noted.

In the weeks between the end of September and October, rain and strong winds returned, sharply lowering temperatures, favoring the attack of flies and a significant drop of fruit.

In the end, the production loss compared to the previous year was 50%.
Many of our neighbors have simply decided not to harvest at all.

Collection and yield

The final result this year was therefore disappointing with a harvest of around 5 quintals and 85 liters of oil, with a yield of 16%.

Qualitative analysis

As per tradition, the harvest was carried out around mid-October.

Perhaps also due to the extended times between production and bottling, the oil produced this year has contradictory characteristics.
Moderate increases in acidity and peroxide parameters and a clear increase in total polyphenols can be noted.

Even when tasted, the sensations were different between those who found it bitter and spicy and those who found it more delicate than the previous year.


  Detected value Limit value
Acidity 0.35 0.8
Peroxides 9.0 20
Total Polyphenols 437


Casa Julia’s EVO oil is organic in fact (read Our philosophy ) and filtered in an oil mill ( Frantoio Franci , awarded in the Flos Olei Hall of Fame 2023 ) for a longer shelf life without loss of the original characteristics.

View the complete analysis report here: CasaJulia Chemical Analysis 2023

To evaluate the parameters in the report, read How to read the chemical analyzes of EVO oil .

Keep those 4/5 important values ​​in mind and when you buy EVO oil from an oil mill or directly from the manufacturer, request analyzes to be able to make comparisons and evaluate its quality.–


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