Vintage 2021, final evaluation

Vintage 2021, final evaluation.
In the previous post where the trend of the year up to that moment was analyzed, the post ended with the wish:

“If something good has been done during the year that it materializes at the most important moment.”

And it materialized, at least more than expected.

Collection and yield

Although a collection of 350Kg is not in itself a significant value, it has nevertheless proved to be above expectations for the situation in general and for the week of north wind that preceded the harvest, which caused some more fruit to fall.

The oil yield was 35Kg, therefore about 10% for 37 liters of final oil.

Qualitative analysis

From here come the biggest surprises. From the chemical analyzes these main values ​​emerged:

Parameter Measured value Limit value
Acidity 0,28 0,8
Peroxides 5,8 20
Total polyphenols 559

who have satisfied us beyond all expectations.

The EVO oil of Casa Julia, organic in fact (read Our philosophy) and stored in stainless steel containers, is not filtered and is decanting.
In November it will be poured into another container (also made of steel) excluding any deposit in the bottom of the drum.

View the complete analysis report here: CasaJulia Chemical Analysis 2021

In order to evaluate the parameters in the report, you can read the post How to read the chemical analysis of EVO oil.

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